Lightroom CC 2015.5.1与CameraRAW 9.5.1更新

作者:秋凉 | 发布日期: 03

上周Adobe发布了Lightroom CC 2015.5.1 / Lightroom 6.5.1和Camera RAW 9.5.1的更新,主要是增加了宾得K-1和索尼RX10 III的支持,并且修正了一些bug。


  • EXIF lens name not visible for some camera models.
  • Camera Raw would not launch under Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8.
  • Errors when using Camera Raw to tone HDR images from Photoshop. This occurred when converting 32-bit files to 16 or 8-bit files.


  • Droplets not working as export actions 
  • Issues with incorrect folder permissions.  Please see instructions to help correct user permissions issues.
  • EXIF lens name not visible for some camera models.  Please see instructions to reparse the Lens metadata after installing the update.
  • Focus lost in the keyword panel when navigating to the next image
  • Error when merging to HDR or Panorama from a collapsed stack 
  • Removed dependencies on QuickTime for some video codecs on Windows.

我在上次升级后发现35mm f/1.8G镜头信息无法在EXIF中显示,但是显然Lightroom能够识别这支镜头,因为它套用了正确的镜头配置文件。有读者已经在微博中给我反映过相同的问题。这次更新后这一问题得到了解决。然而,我发现我之前导入的照片依然无法正确识别镜头EXIF,新导入照片后能够识别。那位读者给我的反馈则是之前的问题获得了完全解决。所以可能依然有一些小问题需要以后更新后才能彻底解决。